Coating Inspections

coatings-2Of the many steps and decisions required to get the best possible performance from the coating system on your project, GCIC recognizes that having qualified and in the field experienced Inspectors, can be amongst one of the most important decisions, to assure an overall successful coating application.

GCIC routinely works closely with owners, engineers, coating contractors & material suppliers as well as project managers and facility personnel, to ensure all applicable standards and recommended practices are clearly defined and understood by all parties involved on a project by project basis, providing accurate inspections using the latest equipment and technologies, followed up with clear and accurate record keeping and documentation on a daily basis, assuring that all procedures, specifications and the Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) are strictly adhered to, and clearly understood and agreed upon, by all parties involved.

  • Owner
  • Client Representative
  • Coating Inspector / Consultant
  • Contractor
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Applicators
  • Facility Personnel

GCIC offer’s coating inspection and testing services for a wide variety of onshore and offshore applications in a number of industries for numerous coating applications and materials.

Such as:

Testing and Documenting:
Surface Preparation – Surface Cleanliness – Testing for Chlorides / Salt Contamination
Preparation of Special Substrates – Environmental Conditions – Relative % percent humidity – Dew Point Temperature – Ambient Temperature – Surface Temperature – Wind speed – Heat Profiling – (DFT) Dry Film Thickness – (WFT) Wet Film Thickness – Holiday Testing – Grit Blast Anchor Profiling – Adhesion Testing – Peel Testing – Trawler Board Impact Testing

Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) – 2-Part Liquid Epoxy’s – Thin Film Coatings – 2LPE & 3LPE
Pipeline Field Joint Coatings – 3LPP & 5LPP – Pipeline Factory Coatings
Polyurethane Foam Infill – Specialty Coatings – Fireproof Coatings
Heat Shrinkable Sleeves (HSS) – Asphalt Tapes – Ridged Cellular Polyurethanes
Solid Polyurethane – Elastomers – Insulations – Glass Syntactic Polyurethane (GSPU)
Concrete – Hot & Cold Applied Tapes – Flame Spray Polypropylene – Silicone – Zinc Rich Epoxy – Waterborne Coatings – Two Component Urethanes – Vinyl Coatings – Acrylic Coatings – Solvent Based Coatings – Two Component Polyureas – Polyethylene – Polypropylene – Visco-Elastic Coatings

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